We love to take care of your diner, you can make it as extensive as you wish. Are you staying at the campsite, Bed & Breakfast or would you like to organize day activities and close the day with a diner that’s possible. You can choose out of a diversity of options, would you like to change the menu no problem we like to make a diner as you wish.


Diner as served

A delicious homemade 3 course diner, with our statement, just be normal that’s already crazy enough. No weird, food you never eat before, in The Netherlands we say what a farmer doesn’t know, he won’t eat. It is a surprise menu, of course you can tell us if you have a special diet or if there are ingredients you dislike. The menu has the following courses;

  • Starter: fresh made soup
  • Main course: Meat, vegetables and potatoes.
  • Dessert

Price: €17,50 each Person, minimum 10 persons

Excluded drinks

It you want to enjoy diner as served you need to make a reservation, we like to ask you to make the reservation the day of diner before 13:00 o’clock. Just let us surprise you with our special diner.



Would you like to BBQ with two persons or with a larger group of people, at the Kreitsberg is this possible. We love to arrange a delicious BBQ together with the local butcher.

  • Five pieces of meat;
  • 2x steak skewer,
  • 2x satay skewer,
  • 1x marinated chicken breast fillet,
  • 1x beef burger,
  • 1x special made Dutch fillet.
  • Satay sauce;
  • Russian salad;
  • Salad;
  • Various sauces;
  • Fresh bread with garlic butter;
  • BBQ + Gas

Price: €20,00 each Person

Excluded cleaning the dishes, plates and drinks.


The Kreitsberg Burger!

Would you like to enjoy a delicious burger special made for you after tasting all different possibilities. The you choose for the Kreitsberg burger, let us surprise you and enjoy.

Fresh Beef burger from the butcher

For extra toppings you can choose out of;

  • Lettuce;
  • Tomato;
  • Cucumber;
  • Bacon;
  • Cheddar Cheese;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Fried egg;
  • Fried onions;
  • Avocado;
  • Topped off with a sauce of your choice.

Price: €7,95 each Burger

Would you like a portion of French fries for with you burger this is possible, a portion will cost €2,50.


French Fries

Would you like a quick snack, then we offer you the possibility to order French fries and snacks for take-out. Take out is of course only possible when you are staying at the Camp site or B&B.



For bigger groups we have different possibilities and together with you we explore what your wishes are. For example; typical Dutch food, unlimited ribs or special for the little one unlimited pancakes. For de prices for groups you can contact us by filling in the contact form.