We offer you different kind of arrangements, to make knowledge of the process from grape till wine. All arrangements can be changes to your own personal wishes. You are welcome to visit us when you have made an appointment.

Vineyard walk

In 2011 we made an Vineyard walk true the Vineyard. This give you the possibility to walk around thru the vineyard on your own. You can enjoy all the beautiful things the Vineyard has to offer you. In the Vineyard you will find signs with explanation about winery in The Netherlands and special our own wine. Go and enjoy the surrounding, the donkey who walking besides de vineyard and the beautiful flower beddings.

When your back on the terrace, we pour you a wonderful glass of Maashorst wine. Taste and enjoy the surrounding of the country side and the vineyard.

Prices €4,00 Per person, only with an appointment.


Are you curious and would you like to look around and enjoy the surroundings of the Vineyard, then choose to have a tour. You will get a personal tour with explanation about the progress from grapevine till Maashorst wine. You’re taking a walk thru the Vineyard with a guide who will try to give you answers to all your questions. We end the tour in the Wine cellar were you can find all the wines produced by The Kreitsberg.

The tour will take about 1 till 1,5 hour.

Prices €7,75 per person (minimum 15 Persons) The Tour is only possible with an appointment, The Tour is possible in Dutch and in English.

Tour and winetasting

Would you take a walk thru the vineyard but also enjoy the tast of Dutch wine. We advise you to take the arrangement  Tour and Winetasting. We give you a personal tour thru the vineyard, wine cellar and we end it all with tasting 5 different Kreitsberg wines. You get explanation about the different wines, you can taste them and compare them.

The tour will take about 2 till 2,5 hour.

Prices €13,00 per person (minimum 15 persons). The Tour is only possible with an appointment, The Tour is possible in Dutch and in English.

Farmers tapas

A Bicycle ride thru the nature reserve The Maashorst, this al combined with winetasting  and a farmers tapas, with products from the region.

You start at The Masworp where you get your bike and the explain what kind for rout you will ride thru the nature. You can choose from serval kind of bikes. After a beautiful tour thru the Maashorst you will arrive at The Kreitsberg, there it’s time to relax and enjoy the delicious bites. You will be welcomed with;

  • Glass of Maashorst Parelwijn
  • Farmers Coffee or Tea with a small Brabants liqueur
  • Freshly baked cake

When you got a little treat we start with a tour thru the vineyard. We will try to explain you everything about the process from grape till wine. Of course there will be time enough to make pictures. After the tour there will be time to relax and enjoy the wine and tapas.

After the Tapas it’s time to be active again and ride back to the Mastworp.

The farmers tapas will take 2,5 till 3 hours, the bicycle ride will take 2 hours.

Prices €44,00 Per person, minimum of 10 person, Only the tapas without the bike ride €40,00 Per person, minimum of 10 person.