Children’s party

Does your child love donkeys, and do you want to organize an active outside activity! Then a donkey walk is just what you are looking for. What does a children’s party at The Kreitsberg look like,

  • The birthday girl/boy are welcomed at the terrace. They are welcomed with lemonade and the adults with coffee or tea.
  • The parents make the order of which the children can ride on the donkey.
  • The donkeys are already, ready to go for the walk. Kees will explain everything you should know about a donkey.  
  • Your donkey will carry your children and your picnic, the donkey will carry up till 40 kg. The donkey has a special saddle on their back.
  • When they children and the donkey is ready, you start the walk, you start 100 mtr from the forest, and the walk will bring you through the forest, at all times you can make the route shorter.
  • In the middle of the forest there is a playground where you can sit down.
  • Together with the children the saddle will be removed and the children have possibility to brush and cuddle the donkey, or play on the playground.
  • After brushing the donkey, we bring them back to the meadow, to go back to the herd. The children can meet all of the other donkeys.
  • Or if they like the can play on the playground on the swing, trampoline, tumble bar or slide.
  • When the party is coming to his end, we close of the party with a donkey diploma.

The Childs party will have a duration of 3 hours.

Price; the price of the child’s party is €8,00  for each child, with a minimum of six children. With 6 children you will get one donkey to walk with. With 12 children you will get 2 donkeys.