Donkey walks

A Donkey is known for his stubborn and headstrong behavior. They are beautiful animals, who are really easy to handle and are very friendly and kind. If you never bin near a donkey you will notice they like to be around people, and fully enjoy the attention. We have 17 donkeys, who life together in a herd with two Alpacas, a Horse and a Shetland pony. We trained the donkeys our self, each donkey has his own character; naughty, cuddly, jumpy and so on, just come over and meet them your own.

We made different routes for you to walk with a donkey, shortest route is 6 km and you can make it as long as you want. The route will lead you thru the forest of nature reserve The Maashorst. You have different choices from walking half a day, a whole day or if you want an active holiday then go walk for serval days with different overnight stays.

Before you start with the walk you become acquainted with your donkey. We explain you how to handle a donkey, with a short walk the donkey is ready to go. Are you going serval days, we explain you how to saddle a donkey. The donkey will love to carry you luggage’s  or children up to 40 kilos in total.

In consolation a lot is possible. Such as a picnic in the forest, starting with a lunch or ending with it, having a dinner. A donkey walk is suitable for everyone; family, friends, colleagues or for a children’s party.  

We started with Majonica our first donkey, after meeting this beautiful friendly Mare, Kees decide to safe 10 donkeys from Romania. Learn more about this in the webpage about the Donkeys Origin.