Ten of our donkeys are coming from Romania. In Romania, the donkey where used for heavy lifting, under bad conditions. They had serval abrasions, because of lifting heavy bags and pulling carts. The first years they just could acclimate and walk around in the meadow. Just rest from all the years of hard work, poor care and health complaints.

In 2009 we started with training of the donkeys for the forest walks. The donkeys got used to being gentle handle by us, and having more fun in walking around with us. They enjoy the positive attention they got from the people instead of the beatings. They love to cuddle. In the serval years the donkeys give birth to foals, who are still with us. The origin Romania donkeys sadly dead of old ages, and also still some health complaints they got in Romania. Now a days we still have offspring of these donkeys.

For now we have 17 beautiful and stubborn donkeys.