For the little ones

There are several fun activities for the little ones of the family. Below a few fun activities, various options for good weather and bad weather.

Docus de das pad, Schaijk (Free)

10 minutes by car

7,2 km

Hullie Playfarm Uden

14 minutes by car

10,7 km

Natuurcentrum de Maashorst, Nistelrode

Gnome path

15 minutes by car

11,5 km

Tiswa Playfarm, Erp

21 minutes by car

16 km

Money town, indoor playground, Veghel

22 minutes by car

18,5 km

Tivoli, Berg en Dal

38 minutes by car

30 km

At the bottom of the page, you will find the bicycle route to the Docus de Das path and various beautiful coloring pictures of Docus.