Farm campsite

The campsite is situated on an old farm. It’s situated in the beautiful nature reserve The Maashorst, in a little village called Zeeland in the south province Noord-Brabant. The Campsite is run by Father and daughter Kees and Willeke and good friend Astrid, together we make sure you have a wonderful holiday.

The campsite has 25 spacious camping spots of 120m2 every camping spot has his own fresh water tap and waste water drainage. We have sanitary facilities with the contemporary comfort and everything you need. So are you looking for a campsite on the country side in a beautiful surrounding come to The Kreitsberg and explore this nice accommodation yourself.

One the campsite is a vineyard, fishing pound, donkey farm, playground and a diversity of animals; Chickens, peacocks, cats, mini pigs, alpacas, donkeys, horse and Shetland pony. Al the animals love to be pet.

Would you like to bring your pets on you holiday? Your best friend; dog, cat or others are welcome on our farm campsite. When you leave the campsite you are within 100 meters in the forest, to make a nice walk their little fens where your dog can swim. We have special walking routes for you to make a beautiful walk.

Do you also want to enjoy sports on your holiday, no problem. The forest is a good place for a run or a mountain bike route.

We hope to see you at our farm campsite to show you around.